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one creation at a time

Over the past three decades, we’ve transformed not only spaces and skylines, but also hopes, dreams and aspirations for thousands across the globe with our projects.

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Our legacy

This logo is a celebration of everything that SNN Raj Corp has created and will create in the decades to come. 

The form it takes is that of a square, which signifies balance, structure, logic, and order. The square container signifies security and protection; a line of fortification and defense against any external elements. It is composed of well-placed curves and edges showing the varied paths that we’re set to take in the years coming up ahead.

Within the container, you see the company name spelt out - striking and eye-catching. It consists of two portions. One modern typeface, whose asymmetrical nature intends to show the versatility in offerings from SNN Raj Corp and one simple straightforward one which shows our grounding and belief in simplicity.


A new day is dawning here at SNN Raj Corp as we step into a new era of growth and transformation.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for being part of our journey and for believing in us. When you invest in an SNN Raj project for your home, it builds our future as much as it builds yours and we grow and soar to greater heights as one.

After we were founded in 1994, we grew rapidly to become a player to contend with in the South Indian real estate market. We left our mark on the country with ambitious landmark projects like SNN Raj Lakeview, SNN Raj Serenity, SNN Raj Greenbay, SNN Raj Etternia, and SNN Clermont, which redefined Bengaluru’s skyline and gave us the honor of being listed among the top real estate property developers and builders in the city. Today we celebrate our 40 projects and 12 million sq. ft. of perfection delivered by our 300-strong team that remains dedicated to elevating the lives of thousands of Indians.

Our trajectory from here onwards will be taken several notches higher. As we continue in our mission to deliver luxury homes and enviable amenities to everyone — budget no bar — we will continue to hone our focus on customer service and quality. Our locations will continue to surpass expectations. Our design will tilt even more towards modern, global, sustainable architecture. Our leadership will rise to every new challenge and goal we set for ourselves. Welcome to the old but new, classic but new-age SNN Raj Corp.

Shah Sanjay

Founder and Managing Director

Shivashankar Bhat

Founder and Director

Shivashankar Bhat is a Director at SNN Builders, one of India’s leading property developers. He has now chosen to focus his unmatched expertise on making SNN Raj Corp a front-runner in the real estate industry. A structural wizard, he has ably executed numerous projects to perfection. With over 30 years of experience behind him, there’s hardly any subject in this field that he hasn’t mastered. He is a firm believer that the traditional approach to success still holds good – emphasis on accurate planning and execution of projects. He is the driving force behind the success of SNN, making it a frontrunner in the realty space.

Neelu Jain


Neelu Jain is a Director at SNN Raj Corp, heading the Sales & Marketing front of the company. She has been an integral part of the SNN group for over 25 years and has been a key contributor to the company’s strategies, operations, and decision-making. With her expertise in brand management, marketing, business development, and project development, she’s been leading us continuously to success and credibility in the industry.

Our Mission

To Transform and Elevate the lives of every single Patron, Customer, Employee and Partner through Quality, Innovation, and Dedication.

Engineering & Labs

Everything that bears the SNN Raj Corp banner is a carefully designed and engineered solution put together by the best and brightest minds. We innovate, we create, and we constantly surpass our high standards with everything we do.


With our forces combined, we could create something that will be spoken about for decades. Get in touch to tell us about your vision, your strengths, and your thoughts on the way ahead.

Seeking Joint Development?

With our forces combined, we could create something that will be spoken about for decades. Get in touch to tell us about your vision, your strengths, and your thoughts on the way ahead.

Our Vision

To create beautiful Luxury Homes, Buildings, Skylines, and Dreams for every Indian.

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