At SNN Raj Corp, we build homes, we create communities.

At SNN Raj Corp, we’ve always taken a keen interest in the social welfare of our surrounding communities and actively participate in furthering their development.

Our belief in being responsive and empathetic towards our consumers goes beyond project development and our primary focus lies in being sensitive to the communities within which we thrive.

Education for Children of Contractual Workers

We believe that our biggest asset is our workforce. By investing in the education of our labourers’ children, we endeavour to uplift this strata of the society who are often unable to provide for even the most basic necessities of their families. SNN Raj Corp is the first real estate company to come up with the innovative idea of setting up a school with a proper state board curriculum for all our projects. Through this CSR initiative, we can contribute towards those members who put in their best efforts and work tirelessly for our projects which contributed to our stupendous growth and have earned us much recognition.

The formal school for our labourers’ children was started as an SNN Raj Corp and involved the Builders Association of Bangalore as well as the Education and the Labour Departments. The students have been formally enrolled by the government, thereby according to them an official school status. Students at the school are taught by a government teacher which makes the education imparted, a formal one. Children of migrant workers who would otherwise perhaps never have the opportunity to avail of a formal education are now able to obtain one, free of cost.

In addition, these children are also provided healthy meals under the Government’s free mid-day meal scheme, thereby, ensuring good health alongside education. Children who never went to school, through this initiative today, have the opportunity to learn and study, making their way towards a literate India.

Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. This thought could not be more true. We believe in building a more educated community so that one day they can effect change for everyone.

Medical Camp for Labourers & Their Families

The greatest wealth is health and to keep our labour force healthy is our duty!! As part of our efforts to ensure high morale amongst our labour force, at SNN Raj Corp, we have provided for labour medical camps – a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility programme which strives to:

  • Place greater value on our labourers’ lives and that of their families.
  • Support and improve the communities where they live and work.
  • Empower our labourers to become more engaged in the well-being of their communities.

As part of the SNN Raj Corp’s Corporate Social Responsibility programme, the company routinely conducts Medical Camps across all of our project sites such as SNN Raj SerenitySNN Raj GreenbaySNN Raj EtterniaSNN Raj GrandeurSNN Raj Spiritua & SNN Clermont.

A team of doctors regularly visit all our project sites to provide free medical consultation and guidance to members of our labour force and check for conditions such as diabetes, cholesterol levels and high blood pressure, conditions that have been found to be widespread among the workforce.

A dedicated medical vehicle manned by specialist doctors and paramedic staff and fitted with medical equipment visits our sites every quarter to maintain updates on the well-being of our labour force and follow up on the prescribed healthcare.

The team is responsible for the collection of data about the prevalence of diabetes, high blood pressure and other diseases among the SNN Raj Corp labourers and hands it over to the health authorities so that they may also use the data collected when they wish to organize their health drives and programmes.

“Many labourers do not visit hospitals or clinics because of the high cost of medical care.” Keeping this in mind, we provide our medical camps free of cost during every quarter to ensure that these members are healthy and risk-free from any ailments or diseases.

A conducive and comfortable working environment as well as the safety and welfare of our labour force and their families has always been and remains a primary thrust area for us at SNN Raj Corp. We undertake regular reviews and risk assessments to identify hazards to reduce accidents and incidents at our construction sites as well.

Ethical, Cultural and Religious Values

By devoting dedicated efforts to promoting ethical, cultural, and religious values, we strongly believe and strive to Inculcate and promote core values of integrity, honesty, fairness, and trust amongst all our stakeholders and the communities within which we live. To this end, we have built several exquisite places of worship at our various project sites which we believe are those all-important places that add to the peace and tranquility of these developments.

The most famous among the places of worship that we have built are the Vigneshwara temple, Shiva temple, and Jain temple in front of SNN Raj Lakeview, BTM Second stage which is open to all communities and devotees. Various cultural activities and Anna Prasadam are also supported throughout the year. We have also been maintaining and developing the Sri Ganesha Temple at SNN Raj Grandeur, Bommanhalli site.

The company has also been active in extending financial assistance for the celebration of various cultural fairs & festivals every year.